Lyrics to Purple Wonderland
by Cathedral

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[edit]Song titlePurple Wonderland
[edit]Artist nameCathedral
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Since love has come to me
Since then you've walked away
Life is a mystery
The roses on my coffin
Are the dreams you gave to me
Love is blind
And all the flowers died for you
This land so black,
so fair for you

Here in this wonderland
Purple the ecstasy
Mist enticing, penetrating
Lust I inhale

Cold is the night today
Darker than months of May
Love is blind
Your arms where a hearse for me
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Into this grave
And all the bells
shall ring for you
Transparent love we
shall see through

Sleep in this wonderland
Of purple ecstasy
Mist enticing, penetrating
Lust I inhale

Fear not the wind
It's telling a tale
Into the whitest night
We slip away...

...Not dead enough to be alive
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Lyrics to Purple Wonderland
by Cathedral

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