Lyrics to Cry Baby
by Cee-Lo

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[edit]Song titleCry Baby
[edit]Artist nameCee-Lo
Cee-Lo Green
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, let me hold you
Don't cry baby

If this makes you cry, girl, I didn't mean it
Next time I should lie, the truth is inconvenient
I bet if you'd try, you could live without me
I really don't know why you bother to cry about me

Cry, cry baby, I guess that I'm a bad guy now
Cry, cry baby, just like all the other ones
Cry, cry baby, oh

I hate to see you cry, sad to say I've seen it
We should say goodbye and this time really mean it
Once some time goes by, I'm sure that you'll feel better
But if she needs to cry then maybe I should let her

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Cry, cry baby, just like all the other ones
Cry, cry baby, oh

And I'll help me cry away, yeah
What more can I say to you?

Cry, cry baby, I guess that I'm a bad guy now
Cry, cry baby, just like all the other ones
Cry, cry baby, you're the wall around the heart
Cry, cry baby, baby

Oh, cry, oh, oh, just like all the other ones
Oh, cry, oh, oh, just like all the other ones
Cry baby, cry, cry baby
I just wanna see you cry baby, cry baby
Oh, oh, don't cry baby
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Lyrics to Cry Baby
by Cee-Lo

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