Lyrics to Ireland's Call
by Celtic Thunder

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[edit]Song titleIreland's Call
[edit]Artist nameCeltic Thunder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ireland, Ireland

Side by side, we stand like brothers
One for all and all together
We will stay united,
throught darker days
And we'll be inbeatable forever

Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Ireland's call

Come the day, and come the hour
Some will live in song and story
We were born to follow,
our guiding star
And to meet our destiny with glory

Ireland, Ireland,
Find more similar lyrics on standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Ireland's call

Hearts to steel and heads unbowing
Vowing never, to be broken
We will fight until we
can fight no more
Till our final requiem is spoken.

Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Ireland's call

Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Ireland's call.
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Lyrics to Ireland's Call
by Celtic Thunder

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