Lyrics to The Aspiration
by Centinex

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[edit]Song titleThe Aspiration
[edit]Artist nameCentinex
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In a sea of blood
People of sorrow
find their hell
Their purulent minds decay

Ocean of the dead
Evil trepidation
Eviscerate the corpses
Morbid devastation

After the holy massacre
rotten limbs are floating by

Evocation of aspiration
steaming sacrifice
oppressor of human race
The demigod shall arise

The wind from the
Find more similar lyrics on graves
Aspiration of darkness
Those who survived
will fall to pieces
(or die in hell)

Ocean of the dead
Evil trepidation
Eviscerate the corpses
Morbid devastation
Hear the angels cry
Now the suffering
has came to its end

Evocation of aspiration
steaming sacrifice
oppressor of human race
The demigod shall arise
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Lyrics to The Aspiration
by Centinex

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