Lyrics to The Will or the way
by Cephalic Carnage

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[edit]Song titleThe Will or the way
[edit]Artist nameCephalic Carnage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do what you wilt, yes I am the way, trust in me
and I'll heal your pain. Religious anomaly,
salvation is hate, Yet people die every day,
religious conflicts for their right to pray, going
to their grave, dead from their faith, Kicking
people is bad; people should never do it. The
ignorant man they envoy, promising eternal life.
Wise men have the answers to the afterlife,
heaven, hell, or a planet in the sky, in the
Find more similar lyrics on to rot in a box, where do we go when we
die. They think the sun is our god, without it, we
could not survive. Pious souls, rectify our
differences, years of unrest, the gods are
depressed. Why pretend these wars will ever end,
religious disease, a never ending trend, Religious
anomaly salvation is hate. Kicking people is bad
people should never do it. The will or the way.
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Lyrics to The Will or the way
by Cephalic Carnage

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