Lyrics to Perfume Garden
by Chameleons

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[edit]Song titlePerfume Garden
[edit]Artist nameChameleons
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You can shake your hips
You can seal your lips
I can't make that trip
And all life's fears
Can invade my ears
I can handle it
I can laugh with a friend
And remember the faces
We wore at school
Making the madness
And solitary sadness
A friendly fool
I thought of stories
They told us long ago
Of how the world was a
perfume garden
I haven't yet learned
to tame the creature
And that at least I think
is something good
All across the town
And across the street
You could feel the heat
Let me tell you friend
They could hardly wait
To mark your sheet
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For the men they employed
To hold you down
Well I hope now you know
That this isn't the bliss
That you thought you found
Endless emptiness
An endless ringing bell
I couldn't show you
But I hope to one day
Pretty promises to teach
the tender child
To welcome madness every Monday
Beck and call
It didn't seem to matter at all
Beck and call
You told us how to conquer it all
Beck and call
These children have nothing at all
Listening hard
For the voice of the child
I thought I heard
An alarm bell ringing
Pulled from my sleep
By invisible hands
The distant sound of
a lady singing
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Lyrics to Perfume Garden
by Chameleons

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