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Don't Hurt 'Em Hammer by Chamillionaire

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[edit]Song titleDon't Hurt 'Em Hammer
[edit]Artist nameChamillionaire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I keep it all the way honest with you
I just be spitting a lot of those punch lines because
A lot of people tell me that's what they want to hear
And me, honestly I feel like I grew out of it
I honestly don't even like rap like I used to
You know? It's real easy to spit 160 bars about nothing

Uh, uh, uh
Don't hurt 'em Hammer
Uh, uh, uh
Don't hurt 'em Hammer

Repeat - x8
Let's get it, let's get it
Don't hurt 'em Hammer

Hook 1
Told y'all, not with the gimmicks, I keep it so raw
Hold y'all, under contemporaries, I blow ya nose off
Most y'all, rappers be making me want to dose off
That's why I raised the bar just like the game of pole vault

Verse 1
Hold up, look at the game and appreciate it
Stop hating on all the artists, while albums even get rated
Tell you to be creative, and as soon as you be creative
The same people that say it don't like it, they like "I hate it"
They make a club song and the minute you do the same
The same people that said it, will say "You in need of change"
The music is getting lame, the people in it the same
The house, the car, the strip, are the only thing in the frame

Hook 2
Told y'all, not with the gimmicks, I keep it so raw
Blow y'all, out of the box with a flow that go off
Money and fame done cost me a bunch of road dogs
Gotta keep that, iron near me but it ain't no golf

Verse 2
Looking it at the TV, I can't believe I'm hearing it
I can't understand ya, it's just like your speaking Arabic
In love with rap, so I made the mistake and married it
Now I'm feeling like, get away from me, you embarrassing
iTunes downloads and ringtones tearing it
Into smithereens, if you loving music then cherish it
Listening to music that's older than what my parents is
So beautiful like a model think her appearance is

Hook 3
Told y'all, not with the gimmicks, I keep it so raw
Hold up, listen to Lil Weezy and Hova
Most of, rappers be having funny aromas
Find more similar lyrics on a, player gon' get it like I'm supposed ta

Repeat - x8
Let's get it, let's get it
Don't hurt 'em Hammer

Chamillionaire talking
I know I ain't gonna be a rapper forever
And not because I think I'ma fall off or anything
It's because, I just don't feel rap I used to man
I remember I used to just wake up in the morning
And I used to look at my pad, and it was empty
And I would fill it up with nothing but lyrics
You know what I'm saying? I know a lot of people talk
Like they don't write down their lyrics and they do it all in their head
But me, hey I take pride in writing down lyrics man
I used to scratch out everything on the paper
And change the whole rap, up until I felt it was perfect
I used to perfect my craft so much and just make each rap
Be the best one that I could possibly make it
And I try so hard to, you know
To get back to that feeling I used to have, but I just can't you know
I look at a piece of paper now and it just doesn't give me that same feeling it used to
No matter how hard I try, people say that the industry will burn you like that
And they say it's mainly because of the pressures in the record industry but
I don't know man, I don't know what it is but I just know
The same feeling I used to get from music, I just don't get anymore like
I remember the feeling I used to get when I heard them live instruments on Snoop Dogg's Gin & Juice
Or you know when 'Pac was going off on everyone in the industry or
Or when Scarface and 2Pac did a song for the first time
Or the first time I heard UGK's One Day
I was like "Maaaan", them boys real
Or even when I was bumping that east coast music
And I heard Canibus say a verse on The Firm album, he was like
"At a thousand degrees Celsius I make y'all iggans melt,
F' my record label, I appear courtesy of myself!"
I was like "Maaaaaaaan" hahaha, man that boy killed dat
And I even used to be bumping Wu-Tang Clan
I remember Method Man was like, you know it um
"I came to bring the pain, hard core from the brain"
I was like "Man them boy's throwed"
And I can't put the blame on nobody
You know I can't just say I don't like music all music
There's a lot of music I like, but I just don't like it the way I used to
And that goes for all of it, including me
Even when I'm in the studio, and I'm behind the mic
It just ain't the same man, you know
I like to talk man, that's the realest part of everything to me
But I don't get to speak what's on my mind like I am now
Like I do at the awards, you know?
I mean I guess life goes on though
Don't hurt 'em Hammer!
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Don't Hurt 'Em Hammer by Chamillionaire

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