Lyrics to One More Time
by Charlie Landsborough

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[edit]Song titleOne More Time
[edit]Artist nameCharlie Landsborough
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One more time
Tell me you love me only
You'll never leave me lonely
Though you will tell me still
I wanna see those misty eyes
I wanna hear those old
Sweet lies again
Don't stop till I say when

One more time
Tell me you really love me
You think the whole world doesn't
Though I know its not so
Give me this one last memory
The taste of how it use to be
Before you walk away from my door
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One more time
Say your mine
And hold me like never let me go
I'll pretend that it won't end
Laugh at all the
Friends who told me so

One more time
Lie in my arms and kiss me
Tell me how much you'll Miss me
When I'd gone Pile it on
Before you pull the curtain down
Before you take my faded crown away
Let me be king more day
One more time
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Lyrics to One More Time
by Charlie Landsborough

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