Lyrics to Game Over You Win
by Charlotte Nilsson

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[edit]Song titleGame Over You Win
[edit]Artist nameCharlotte Nilsson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've been watching you
And if Im not mistaking
I've seen that something in your eyes
We all take our chances
In the games we play
We always walk a thin, thin line
But I'll keep playing the perfect loser
Coz' when I lose I win
Did you think I was blind
Standing there like a stone
When you "tilted" my heart
Just like "pinball"
When you show me that smile
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But when you wrap your arms around me
Anything can happen
Playing hard to get
The winner doesn't take it all
I could keep on fighting
Just like all the rest
Never ever take a fall
But I'll keep playing the perfect loser
Coz' when I lose I win
When you wrap your arms around me
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Lyrics to Game Over You Win
by Charlotte Nilsson

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