Lyrics to 4 Seasons Rush
by Charon

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[edit]Song title4 Seasons Rush
[edit]Artist nameCharon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Four Seasons Rush
And Time Just Passed Us By
Christian Heart So Weak
You Stumbled To The Dawn
Grace And Grief Won't Walk
Right Hand By Hand
Your Day Was To Go
Cold Heart Too Weak For Beatin'

Love Is Dead
And I Just Dragged
You Down To Deep
Cold And Dead
Last Winter Ripped My Heart Away

Two Days And Night
A Hallow Growth Inside
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And Pain Was On The Way
Yeah, All Those Prayers
Were All To The Hollow God
Your Day Was To Go
Cold Heart Too Weak For Beatin'

Love Is Dead
And I Just Dragged
You Down To Deep
Cold And Dead
Last Winter Ripped My Heart Away
Rose On Your Grave
The Only One Alive
A Frozen Leeve
Will Cry Red Tears For You
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Lyrics to 4 Seasons Rush
by Charon

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