Lyrics to Smash Your Symbols
by Cheap Sex

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[edit]Song titleSmash Your Symbols
[edit]Artist nameCheap Sex
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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smash your symbols to the wall
smash your symbols to the wall
smash your symbols to the wall
1 2 1 2 3 go!

prophets and your preachers
smash your symbols to the wall
and all you learned at school
smash your symbols to the wall
the lies that they feed your fucking mind
smash your symbols to the wall
don't be fucking blind
smash your symbols to the wall

when your born you are a number
Find more similar lyrics on are just like cattle
and for your rights and freedom
its a never ending battle
those who are in power
will make sure you never are
they'll bug your phone, track you down
make sure you don't get far.

they'll teach you to bow to priests
for they are men of god
and from day one what they ask of you
you just sit there and nod
they'll hit you up for money
the first chance that they get
so buy your seat in heaven
or in hell you will be spent.
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Lyrics to Smash Your Symbols
by Cheap Sex

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