Lyrics to Luv at First Sight
by Chilldren of da Ghetto

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[edit]Song titleLuv at First Sight
[edit]Artist nameChilldren of da Ghetto
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Luv at first sight
It's what you said wanna hit it in the same night
I kinda peeping is you lying all the time
In-between the lives of a tired
The other nigga gonna let it down

Verse 1
Now hold tight,
With the location making
reservations for this nigga
there been again
Receiving information
Get my datas from belating
When you feel cash you can bring a friend
Don't try to put on Rollies scant
They come along and come on bring
that arse to the TerrorDome
Are you finished with your mills
Take a chauffeur gotta feel on the real
Halle Berry with big heels, so lets
Gonna make you slip
I have an accident wanna glaze in the eyes
They asked me why
I never seen it before another board to show
With the game and the fame gonna make you flow
Yo, bat away when that nigga roll
Who invested in this episode
If I asked you one mo time
I'm a have to strike my hand upon your thigh
And she smile
When she finally spoke
I'm kinda nervous cause I know then
I fin that hit that arse
(Yo guys I'm a virgin) should I let it pass
Dump me she was in her bag,
reaching fo some condoms
Now we kicking it a little fun
In the backseat of mamma's cuddle up


Verse 2
Go Hola
You can go head trick or
Often I go to get my sicker
With the laid fresh smoke a couple of blunts
Five hoes don't wanna give up the cud
Bitch don't front my name's P Child
I just wild like that
I was fascinated by the way the been
Shake a heel from side to side back to back
In fact, I know the hoe from around the hood
Hang around all the time
But the bitch I'm freaking out
when my homey told her
Go fuck a friend of mine
Now I'd of called the hoe a bitch before
But now I'm trying to be cash
Cause I know that the wrath of the mob
Is not gonna let pussy out of line
Now let em climbin up yo leg
Find more similar lyrics on feeling went (what went)
She turn around I put up her dress
I flow started some arse
Slowly I grabbed on the rest
She hinding and sliding and bopping
I'm crocking nut into her chest
How many wishes where the vet I'm nice
And the only cause better than hit the draws
The fitty I know well
To sack a reason live down looking out for laws
So if the come bitch fall


Verse 3
She less and long hair
And I say the most used to complexion
For the minute what an introduction let
How she tick it for a man to
give her all affections that
she need
I love baby my name Bad Seed
Call me and I give you what you need in E
But I know fo sure ain't shit open pants
Twelve o clock went between them knees
I'm licking at the hair and skin
So bitch just might be carrying fleas
But she let hit the clit
I had a head on the shoulder
trying to rub some game
But it's a shame that she think Bad Seed in light
Look, look I ain't
Telling me ain't nobody fucking you
I be a fool lets just hit the detail
Through a youth wanna school still don't cool
And you are like pierce here
At soupance to Christile and you
wild the way you smile
Make me wanna walk down the aisle
but she was vile (too vile)
The bitch being repeat child
Nickel dash, four lay lash and a arse hoe
But shit that was thrown between the lines
Arse overhead cause all this time
I'm a blow the bitch mine
Suck licking the dime
Popping the pussy over watching the fine
That's when I knew I had the edge
Then I release some stress
I fucked your bitch
Laid to rest she could context effects
Against the best who next
Who's the motherfucking hoes to be
Y'all down in yo cheques
So catch a nigga like C
When I come around town (when I come around town)
Cause I be creepin at the line
All the time read between the lines
About time the other nigga Here to lay it down

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Lyrics to Luv at First Sight
by Chilldren of da Ghetto

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