Lyrics to Save Ourselves
by Chimaira

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[edit]Song titleSave Ourselves
[edit]Artist nameChimaira
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What a shame breaking down
What is getting the best of you
Take a breath, it's not complex
I'm going to put your mind at ease
Innocent people are not meant to suffer
We're making negative energy power
This will be our truth

Can you feel us, we're stronger
We prey on the weak and conquer
No longer care for those
Who try to condemn and oppose
We'll save ourselves

You're afraid that I'm right
I know it eats you up inside
Well listen to me and you will see
You have to let those fears fly free
The only danger in this world is to be
Weak-mind with insecurities
This won't be our truth

Find more similar lyrics on you feel us, we're stronger
We prey on the weak and conquer
No longer care for those
Who try to condemn and oppose
We'll save ourselves

Why do you fear every one of us
Why do you hate every one of us, you crush us
Why do we feel we are wasting our time
Go away, end this now
You need to get down offf this cloud
Start focusing and listening
And feel it's the time to change things
When I'm alone, I don't feel hope less at all
The day must come where we can stand tall
And this will be our truth

Can you feel us, we're stronger
We prey on the weak and conquer
No longer care for those
Who try to condemn and oppose
We'll save ourselves
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Lyrics to Save Ourselves
by Chimaira

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