Lyrics to 20 Times
by Chixdiggit

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[edit]Song title20 Times
[edit]Artist nameChixdiggit
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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well she knew it was me but she acted excited
anyway she said she's been doing stuff but she
waited by the phone all day that's what her sister
told me she got one of those phones she never
called me i tried 20 times to reach her i got her
mom on the phone she said that she's still in the
shower well this is what i told her i'm tired of
being alone (sista) she knew i called 20 times it
didn't faze her it didn't freak her out and now i
Find more similar lyrics on see her she knew i called 20 times it didn't
faze her it didn't creep her out and now i wanna
see her she knew i called 20 times but she acted
surprised anyway i said i been doing stuff but i
waited by the phone anyway that's what her sister
told me yeah, that's what her sister told me she
got one of those phones they got one of those
phones and i'm tired of being alone
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Lyrics to 20 Times
by Chixdiggit

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