Lyrics to Haven't got Time for
by Chixdiggit

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[edit]Song titleHaven't got Time for
[edit]Artist nameChixdiggit
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't wanna go to a movie and you don't wanna see
a rock show I've already had dinner and I'm not a
big coffee fan can't jubilate cause my cash
situation is zero but it doesn't matter cause I
only wanna be with you it's stuff I haven't got
time for haven't got time for anymore don't wanna
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family's in town but we don't wanna be with them
both got paid but is it really an issue to work ?
no. it don't serve a purpose for the things I
wanna do with you it's stuff I haven't got time
for haven't got time for anymore
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Lyrics to Haven't got Time for
by Chixdiggit

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