Lyrics to Riding on a Rainbow
by Chris de Burgh

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[edit]Song titleRiding on a Rainbow
[edit]Artist nameChris de Burgh
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We're riding on a rainbow
we're flying free
We're riding on a rainbow
Yes, you and me

There is a place I love in Africa,
that they call the rainbow land.
It is a place to grow and live as one,
in a brotherhood of man

There is light that comes from Africa,
and its shining round the world.
Let all the colours speak
of pride and joy,
in a voice that must be heard

We're riding on a rainbow,
we're flying free,
we're riding on a rainbow,
yes, you and me.

There is a heart I hear in Africa,
and its beating like a drum.
Find more similar lyrics on everyone get up and to the stars,
we will go marching on.

I had a dream I was in Africa,
I was soaring like a bird,
and then a million voices all around,
was singing to the world...

that we are riding on a rainbow,
we're flying free,
we're riding on a rainbow,
yes, you and me.

We are together on a rainbow
we're flying free,
We are forever on a rainbow,
yes, you and me.

We are riding on rainbow
we're flying free
we're riding on a rainbow
yes, you and me
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Lyrics to Riding on a Rainbow
by Chris de Burgh

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