Lyrics to Athyrium Typha Luciferi
by Christ Agony

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[edit]Song titleAthyrium Typha Luciferi
[edit]Artist nameChrist Agony
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My Eyes Are The Truth
My Eyes Are Deflucing
My Eyes Are Captivating

The Power Of My Beauty
Is Inside Of Me
The Power Of My Might
Is Inside Of Me

The Darkness Is
Message For My Soul
I Felt The Blasphemous Wings
I Am Ready To Die

I Am The Devil's Call
The Liberation Of Unholy Blood

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Within The Crippled Dream
Within The Burning Mist
In My Tongue
I Am The Devilish Wind
The Lie On The Altar

I Am The Devil's Call
My Song Is My Blood
My Song

My Eyes Are ... See Above

My Power Stands In My Soul
In My Death
Astaroth ...
This Is The Devil's Call
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Lyrics to Athyrium Typha Luciferi
by Christ Agony

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