Lyrics to Eternalhate
by Christ Agony

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[edit]Song titleEternalhate
[edit]Artist nameChrist Agony
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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...And eternity be my curse
Chant of the prophets
...And eternity be my oath
Sorrow of the solitude

I call the spell in my eyes
The mysterious spell
I am liberated
And poured Iam
Into my kingdom
With the tribute
I paid for eternity
This might has my name
And the demons shapes my lips
Into lustful grins

I stalk
I stalk
This blood has my name
And the demons on my lips
Be the devilish tongue

For one is my name
Of the hateful ones
I create the path
Find more similar lyrics on the unfaithful ones
For the unsatiable ones

I despise the fanatics
And God I detest
The tomb I sign with blood
For the memory of
his relatives
The tears meltthe madness
Of my desires

Eternity never I die with
I shall live with eternity

For one is my name
Of the hateful ones

Welcome to the eternity!
Welcome to the
edge of madness!
Welcome to eternity!

My feet are bleeding-
-Follow the sign

Welcome to nothingness!!!
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Lyrics to Eternalhate
by Christ Agony

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