Lyrics to Tell me who you are
by Christian Wunderlich

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[edit]Song titleTell me who you are
[edit]Artist nameChristian Wunderlich
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Christian Wunderlich, Christoph
Masbaum, Lyrics: Christian Wunderlich

I don't believe that you think I could leave you lonely.
I even know that you show me your way.
I won't be there 'til you swear
I am just the only one for you.
I hope your silent love is true.
I can't believe that all your feelings are a lie.
And see you through the tears I cry.

So baby, tell me who you are
Can't you see I'm so in love with you girl.
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'Cos no one knows it better now.
If you only believe in me so far tell me who you are.

Why don't you say that you stay by my side forever.
Why don't you try?
I'm too shy to confess my love.
Is it so wrong we belong in this life together
'Cos I am you.
I hope your tender love is true.
I can't believe that all your feelings are away
I just don't know why you can't stay.
So baby, tell me who you are...
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Lyrics to Tell me who you are
by Christian Wunderlich

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