Lyrics to Forever's Gone
by Christine Evans

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[edit]Song titleForever's Gone
[edit]Artist nameChristine Evans
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The daylight fades away
It's hard to recognize your face
It scares me that I can't let go anymore
There's no floor below me to keep me on my feet

Today's the day that we fall
No reason to stay here at all
Cause the truth is the better way
Although lies are still here to stay
Though seasons pass the reasons never last
Forever's gone

I turn to come you turn to go
You don't even wanna know why I'm here
I jump to catch a shooting star
Find more similar lyrics on'd give it to you if I knew where you are

Today's the day that we fall
No reason to stay here at all
Cause the truth is the better way
Although lies are still here to stay
Though seasons pass the reasons never last
Forever's gone

Though I try to stay awake at night
So the darkness doesn't steal my light
Though I realize that I'll lose this fight
I hope that memories won't haunt me tonight
Cause I'm dreamin
Yes, I'm dreamin
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Lyrics to Forever's Gone
by Christine Evans

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