Lyrics to Wish I Was Cool
by Chris Trapper

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[edit]Song titleWish I Was Cool
[edit]Artist nameChris Trapper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I used to be a geek every day of the week
And something stupid came out every time that I'd speak
Every saturday night I'd have no immediate plans
I'd hang out with mom and dad playing board games again
I was bored like a fool
I wish I was cool

Well I was useless in class so I tried out for sports
Where the jocks got a kick out of yanking my shorts
Stealing my towel when my shower was done
I'd walk through the locker room I couldn't find one
I had to streak through the school
I wish I was cool
Mama dear mom I think my shorts are coming down

I held on tight to my books kept my mouth shut in class
In my hand me down clothes even the teachers would laugh
I'd pray to the clock I'd eat lunch alone
And we havent' even gotten to the bus ride home
No teachers no rules
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You see we lived in the hose with too many kids
Too many pets and not much food in teh fridge
The kids on the bus called it the house of the hicks
'cause there's too many cars on the lawn to be fixed
But my dad lost his tools
I wish I was cool
Mama dear mom your broken boy is coming home

So what is the moral of the story you say
The king of the jocks turned out to be gay
And all the little cool kids stayed in their small town
Where some used to be nerd can boss them around
It's our turn to be cruel
It's our turn to be cruel
I wish I was cool
Cool yeah yeah
Cool yeah yeah
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Lyrics to Wish I Was Cool
by Chris Trapper

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