Lyrics to 10000 Miles
by Chroming Rose

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[edit]Song title10000 Miles
[edit]Artist nameChroming Rose
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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b-b-b-babe, you were treating me like a thief
your hold on me, i couldn't leave
i was chained by your smile
i couldn't resist running that extra mile
no chance to run away
i felt my heart slowly begin to decay
you were abusing my innocence
your glance insured, i had no chance
your touch shattered all resistance
i stumbled around like in a trance
i decided to go, although my will was low
she pleaded on her knees to get me to stay
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so i took the knife, my problem ended that night
i'll never forget that sight
from now on i'll be in flight
now i am far away
i know i may never return
in my own fantasy
my heart will always burn
ten thousand miles away - escaping from your spell
the trace you leave is like a desease
ten thousand miles away - escaping from your spell
i will ever remember, remember well!
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Lyrics to 10000 Miles
by Chroming Rose

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