Lyrics to Power and Glory
by Chroming Rose

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[edit]Song titlePower and Glory
[edit]Artist nameChroming Rose
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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so many times, we were searching for the way
to the land, where we can live one day
we went ahead, through the wind and rain
no longer will our hearts be filled with pain
now we are here to open up the gate
now we are here, for you it's not too late
with power and glory, we are coming home
with power and glory, escape from slavery
time has come to look inside our hearts
the gate is open now, so we can start
take you across like the man from bethlehem
Find more similar lyrics on with the sign of victory we will follow him
evil is strong and everywhere
so children of love must take care
it comes with black angels
and tempts you to sin
be careful tonight,
the devil fights hard to win!
with power and glory, we are coming home
with power and glory, we are not alone
with power and glory, escape from slavery
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Lyrics to Power and Glory
by Chroming Rose

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