Lyrics to Live Again
by Chronic Future

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[edit]Song titleLive Again
[edit]Artist nameChronic Future
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Time to write this album
Chronic Future 2000
Time's no obstacle and we just arouse
All the minds that seem to be in tune
Ranting like a platoon under the blue moon
Yo, keep a low admission
Give no intermission
Too busy rocking the crowd yo
We're on a mission
Never dissin' so listen
I spark the lighter which soon sparks the high to
Kick in

One simple thought
Inside my head
I wish I could remember
So that I could forget
They close their eyes
To what's in front of them
They lose their lives
Only to live again

Picking out and unpacking
Words from my lyrical suitcase
For the beat race like arteries laced
With base form this song
Find more similar lyrics on to vibration that you can feel
In your heart and soul
Pissed off 'cause they ain't got no control anymore
Society as a whole has lost we can't respect
The past experience
The essence of intellect

Chorus: I feel you getting closer in my mind
You seem to have the one thing I'm trying to find
Enchanted by the passing of the days
There's a reason why we all live again

I got 15 minutes to qualify so I'm gonna defy
All the laws of gravitational skills
Built out through societies
Proprieties are the last that it sees
Giving it what it needs it feeds
Yet proceeds with feasible strength
More than reasonable at length
I think at least so I feast on the molecules around
Knowing the sound of lsot but then I was found
Grounded to the dirt directly after death
The spirit never dies so my body's at rest at sleep
It's the truth CWG trilogy's my proof
Another moment's gone ... POOF

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Lyrics to Live Again
by Chronic Future

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