Lyrics to Deep Magic
by Chronicles of Narnia Musical

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[edit]Song titleDeep Magic
[edit]Artist nameChronicles of Narnia Musical
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know what's due me and I seek only justice
You can't refuse me what is mine without question
The law is perfect on its claims that are unchanging
Who could dare to defy?

The deep magic, deep magic
Deep magic from the dawn of time

I claim the boy as my legitimate victim
I have the right to take the life of a traitor
And that human is my little traitor
Who could dare to deny?

The deep magic, deep magic
The punishment for every crime
Deep magic, deep magic
Deep magic from the dawn of time

You must give me this little liar's blood
Or Narnia itself
Will perish in a holocoust of fire and flood
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Deep magic, deep magic
Deep magic from the dawn of time

You don't dispute me though you think I act cruelly
You can't refuse me for you know I speak truly
The law dictates, unduly
Binding on you

You can not dispute us for we seek only justice
We claim the boy as our legitimate victim
We have the right to shed the blood of a traitor
Who can dare to defy?

The magic was established by supreme decree
Created in his wisdom and his justice by the emperor beyond the sea

Deep magic, deep magic
The punishment for every crime
Deep magic, deep magic
Deep magic from the dawn of time
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Lyrics to Deep Magic
by Chronicles of Narnia Musical

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