Lyrics to Aimlessly Drifting
by Chuck Berry

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[edit]Song titleAimlessly Drifting
[edit]Artist nameChuck Berry
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I guess I'll go to California
Seems like I'm always on the run
Nobody ever needs a loser
We just exist under the sun
But someday, somehow, someone may need me
When my drifting days are done

Well, I'm aimlessly drifting
Looks like I live from day to day
Hard as I try to make a showing
Something is always in my way
Even the one I truly love now
Deals in the games that people play

Every time I love I always lose
Seems like I'll never ever win
Each I hear them lonesome blues
Find more similar lyrics on'm all alone at home again
Seems like I'm just existing
Aimlessly drifting to no end

All that I ask of this old world
Is just to have a happy home
All that I ask of one little girl
Is just to be my very own
It seems just like I'm just existing
Aimlessly drifting along

Yes, I'll go to California
Seems like I'm always on the run
Nobody ever needs a loser
I just exist under the sun
But someday, somehow, someone may need me
But my drifting days be done
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Lyrics to Aimlessly Drifting
by Chuck Berry

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