Lyrics to Whilst Stocks Last
by Chumbawamba

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[edit]Song titleWhilst Stocks Last
[edit]Artist nameChumbawamba
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's the old stock car thing
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
Round the track and round again
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
Revving, coughing, stutt-stutt-stuttering
Tongue-in-cheek scrap motor racing
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
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Tongue-in-cheek scrap motor racing
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
Write-offs end, stock cars begin
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
It's the old stock car thing
Crash! Smash! Crash! Ring!
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Lyrics to Whilst Stocks Last
by Chumbawamba

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