Lyrics to Unprecious Memories
by Cidesphere

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[edit]Song titleUnprecious Memories
[edit]Artist nameCidesphere
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You thought that I wouldn't live
Without your existence
That I would fall in darkness
Without the light of your eyes
That I could never hold another hand and
My soul would freeze without you

A warm smile and all the experienced past
Now it's all an abandoned desert
There's only a filthy hatred
in the heart of purity
The only thing I adore is your lies

Obsession of passion and revenge
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And that's for the unprecious memories
The wound of the blind hated
Has already made me bleed
Your fake smiles have drowned in my existence

Lies, your lies are more appaling
And as warm as sun
Charming fake smiles just leave me be
Betrayal is not the flame of love
Time has passed now whole thing is a lie

A kidnapped hope is rising again
Instead of the unprecious memories
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Lyrics to Unprecious Memories
by Cidesphere

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