Lyrics to Brick
by Circle Jerks

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[edit]Song titleBrick
[edit]Artist nameCircle Jerks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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murderous liars hide behind lines of sheep smiling
killers find it easy to sleep collecting their
fortunes at the end of the week it's sixty five on
a one way street now i've got a brick for your
window highrise hogwash dealt to freeze dried
stares talk 's expensive listening nobody cares
cram those bank account's stocks and shares now
i've got a brick for your window now i've got a
brick for your window when individualism dies
everything's the same you can kiss my ass to the
Find more similar lyrics on machine! good versus evil's such a bogus
plot things aren't what they seem i've got a seven
and a half for your tv screen! herds of paper
eaters licking feet static babble now it's
starting to tweak company kept is just a flock of
creeps alienate me now i feel like a freak now
i've got a brick for your window yeah! i've got a
brick for your window good versus evil's such a
bogus plot things aren't what they seem now i've
got a seven and a half for your tv screen!!
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Lyrics to Brick
by Circle Jerks

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