Lyrics to Tell me why
by Circle Jerks

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[edit]Song titleTell me why
[edit]Artist nameCircle Jerks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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tell me why, tell me why why are they always
pushing me? block my vision so i can't see hold me
down while they grind on me mind your own, just
let me be go let them in, there are our friends as
long as they play monopoly nothing to hide, set up
the scene heading a false reality we need a hype,
got a hype if we believe in what they say closer
to me, rather behind it don't seem so far away
watch your mouth on mindless beach be your best,
stay on your feet cry to .. , so when you weep why
Find more similar lyrics on they always hounding me? why? tell me why?
brother's crying, sons are dying sounds of
weapons, bullets flying never giving always taking
filled with lies, always faking never carry, never
shake always rough and overbearing why do you want
to fight with me? tell me why, tell me why sell
them tractors, give them seeds help them boost
their economy let them up and hear their pleads
mind your own, just set them free it's closer than
you know
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Lyrics to Tell me why
by Circle Jerks

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