Lyrics to Eleven Owls Have Eyes
by Circle Takes the Square

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[edit]Song titleEleven Owls Have Eyes
[edit]Artist nameCircle Takes the Square
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Surface, through the circuits, breaker breaker.
Someone's calling but there's no one on the line.
Positive, negative, negative, Breaker breaker.
These wires are live, these wires are merging with
the circuits, Breaker, breaker. Broken fuses
spark, lighting, illuminating their blacked out
eyes. Fading out...Father son and holy
can't find us in the dark. You can't save us when
wires are cut. Houses haunted hurt the most.
Vulnerability is created and defined by the night.
Fall is getting closer. Ruled by the moon. Now
that we're hiding in the darkness holding hands,
now as we pray, as we are prey. Lead the way.
Don't leave me bound here in desire, lead the way
Find more similar lyrics on is too long to wait. Time keeps on pulling
the seconds away, preaching abandonment,
intentions remain to embrace the sweet impossible.
Time succumbs to the rhythm of a slowly fading
pulse. Lights from flashlights flash on breakers,
loose connections connected tight. Symmetry
described by the minds intent. Eleven birds of
prey take flight. Asymmetrical equations, borne to
lack diurnal sight. Brown eyes begging her
consent. White old woman of the night: Right
behind the lightening staring past the rain.
Running down the red clay. Time succumbs to the
rhythm of a slowly fading pulse...
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Lyrics to Eleven Owls Have Eyes
by Circle Takes the Square

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