Lyrics to Banba oir
by Clannad

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[edit]Song titleBanba oir
[edit]Artist nameClannad
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Idir dhá láimh
Daoine fí ­untach
Scrí ­obh an ogham
I mbanba óir

I nglas héinne
Fial ó nádúir
Fonn ceoil
I mbanba óir

Lios na aileach
Draicht draiotheach
Tuamai rithe
I mbanba oir

Clochán naofa
Cill is caisléain
Truit na gceilteach
I mbanba óir

Both two hands
Find more similar lyrics on noble people
Write the ogham
In Golden Ireland

In young company
Noble of nature
Desire of music
In Golden Ireland

Ring forts of rock
The magic of the druids
Tombs of kings
In Golden Ireland

Holy clochan*
Churchyards and castles
Sound of the
Celtic (or
In Golden Ireland.
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Lyrics to Banba oir
by Clannad

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