Lyrics to Tijuana Jail
by Clarke Gilby

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[edit]Song titleTijuana Jail
[edit]Artist nameClarke Gilby
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Gilby Clarke)
Welcome to salvation, my Tequila's my
companion for this evening of
Everyone around me, kinda bores me, it
makes me lonely with the friends
I never had
Packing up my Mustang cuz' this city has
no heart, it sucks you in and
spits you out
Patiently I'm seeking my destination is
unknown, I followed the road
down to Mexico
Sorry Mr.Officer I think you got it wrong,
I'm just a lonely ol' Texas boy and I wanna get on home
He smiled and said "senor you're not in Texas anymore
Send my love to my home but send my mail to a Tijuana Jail
Staring at the ceiling of my jail cell
it's my home, at least for now,
it seems like forever
Sleeping on the floor with the rats,
crawling up my ass, I'm gonna kill
that officer
Find more similar lyrics on Mr. Officer but I'm gonna get
revenge, on this side of the border
20 pesos get you dead
He smiled and said "senor I think I'll drink to your threats"
Send my love to my home, but sent my mail to a Tijuana Jail
In my destitution suicides a solution,
but I'm a gambler, and I'm not
cashed in
The sun is going down and my problems will
be solved by dawn, but not by
I smelled liquor on his breath, I knew
this is my last chance, I begged
give a dying man his last drink
He handed me a glass with just the worm and he laughed I pulled a
switchblade from my boot and shoved it in
his throat
Sorry Mr. Officer I think you got it
wrong, I'm a lonely ol' Texas boy
and I wanna get on home
He smiled and said "senor you're not in Texas anymore"
Send my love to my home but send my mail to a Texas Jail.
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Lyrics to Tijuana Jail
by Clarke Gilby

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