Classics IV Lyrics
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Classics IV is also known as

  • Classics 4
  • Classics Four
  • Dennis Yost & The Classics IV

Classics IV Lyrics Discography

Classics IV Lyrics Language Summary: 93% English | 3% Portuguese | 3% Spanish

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Classics IV biography


The Classics
Classics IV, (Classics Four,) or (Classics 4)
Classics IV Featuring Dennis Yost
Dennis Yost & Classics IV
Dennis Yost & The Classics IV

Detroit-born, Florida-raised, Dennis Yost came from a Jacksonville-area band called The Echoes. He was just old enough to remember '50s R&B when it was current. In addition to playing the drums, he liked to sing '50s numbers like The Five Satins'1 "In the Still of the Night."2 After The Echoes broke up in the mid-'60s, Yost joined a band called Leroy & the Moments, which included Wally Eaton (bass, vocals), James "J.R." Cobb, Jr. (guitar), and Joe Wilson (keyboards). His arrival, along with the changing times, also signaled a change in the group's name, as there was no longer a Leroy anyway, that could go, and the name, The Moments, was already taken, so, they named themselves after Yost's Classic-model drum set, and they became The Classics, at least for a short time.

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Classics IV Lyrics
(29 songs)

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