Lyrics to Stained Glass Window
by Clay Crosse

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[edit]Song titleStained Glass Window
[edit]Artist nameClay Crosse
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mark Heimermann and Phil Madeira
Just beneath the rafters
In a church of stone
Laid a stained glass window
In the attic all alone
A work of art forgotten,
A treasure thrown away
Taken from the sunlight,
It was just a useless frame
Ooh the things in life we
take for granted
Ooh the things of wonder we could know
Ooh I want to be illuminated
Full of Heaven's light
Shining through my life
Let the window of my
heart reveal Your love
I took the stained glass window
And held it to the light
Years of hidden glory
Reappeared before my eyes
Every brilliant color
Glowing like a fire
Full of revelation
And created to inspire
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Thirsting for the morning sun
I am Yours, Thy will be done
Let Your love in me unfold
With it's beauty to behold.
There's a stained glass window
In the soul of a man
A pattern of perfection
That was made with holy hands
And with the light of heaven
Pouring through each pane
Truth in all its splendor
Is revealed and will remain
(C)1997 Fun Attic Music, Mail
Train Music (ASCAP)
Drums: Dan Needham
Guitars: George
Cocchini, Jerry
Bass: Jackie Street
Keyboards: Mark Heimermann
Percussion: Terry MacMillan
Guitar solo: Jerry McPherson
BGVs: Clay Crosse
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Lyrics to Stained Glass Window
by Clay Crosse

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