Lyrics to Here (so Doggone Blue)
by Cliff Richard

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[edit]Song titleHere (so Doggone Blue)
[edit]Artist nameCliff Richard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Seems to me that you're always near
Close enough so I know when you're here
And just when I think I've got to know you
You disappear

And so I walk along building all my dreams
I've every hope as I plan all my schemes
And just when I think I've found the right one
You disappear

But still I'm here waiting for you
I'm here still holding on
I'm here waiting for you, baby
But it won't be too long
'Cause I'm planning a song that will tell you
Oh, why I'm here

I've even wished on a falling star
I've carried moonbeams home in a jar
Only one thing wrong, you're where you belong
And that's too far

If only there was some way of reaching you
Holding you 'cause I'm so doggone blue
Only one thing I really wanna do
Is sing to you

That's why I'm here waiting for you
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I'm here waiting, baby
But it won't be too long
'Cause I'm planning a song that will tell you
Oh, why I'm

Here, I'm waiting for you, baby
Here, and I'm still holding on
I'm planning a song that will tell you
Why I'm here

(Oh, wanna tell you now)
Oh, gotta tell you, tell you, tell you
(Oh, wanna tell you now)
Gotta tell you, tell you it's true that I'm blue, doggone it

(Oh, wanna tell you now)
I'm here and I'm blue
(Oh, wanna tell you now)
Gotta tell you now, gotta tell you now
That I'm here and it's true and I'm blue

(Oh, wanna tell you now)
Gotta tell you now, gotta keep on telling you I'm blue
(Oh, wanna tell you now)
Keep on, keep on, keep on telling you
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Lyrics to Here (so Doggone Blue)
by Cliff Richard

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