Lyrics to Walkin' Away
by Clint Black

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[edit]Song titleWalkin' Away
[edit]Artist nameClint Black
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Walkin' away, I saw a side of you
That I knew was there all along
And that someday I'd say goodbye to you
'Cause one right can still make two wrong

Not for each other, not from the start
The difference was day and night
My finest hour spent here with you in the dark
Was just before I saw the light

It's the people who want love and the people who need love
Who find love on the way
I'll be lookin' for someone 'til I find the right one
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Now that I know what I'm tryin' to find
There's only one place it could be
So I'm lookin' ahead, I've stopped lookin' behind
For someone who's lookin' for me

It's the people who want love and the people who need love
Who find love on the way
I'll be lookin' for someone 'til I find the right one
Then I won't be walkin' away
I'll be lookin' for someone 'til I find the right one
Then I won't be walkin' away
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Lyrics to Walkin' Away
by Clint Black

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