Lyrics to I Gave you Everything (Pure Radio Mix)
by Code Red

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[edit]Song titleI Gave you Everything (Pure Radio Mix)
[edit]Artist nameCode Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I gave you everything
My love
I gave you all my time and I
gave all my love to you
I gave you every dime and
tell me what did you do
You broke this heart of mine
by loving somebody new
You said that love was forever
you'd leave me never
But where are you now
I gave you everything all that
one could ever give
I gave you everything you
were my reason to live
Everythings out of place
There's an empty space
In my heart
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You took the best of me you
took everything I had
You took so selfishly and
gave nothing in return
I would have set you free if
that's how it had to be
Why would you lie (why why)
Why would you need to make me
I cried myself to sleep at night
It wasn't right for you to
leave me here high and dry
It wasn't right to close the doors
without so much as a goodbye
Coulda had blood from a stone
Why did you leave me alone
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Lyrics to I Gave you Everything (Pure Radio Mix)
by Code Red

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