Lyrics to If you go Away
by Code Red

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[edit]Song titleIf you go Away
[edit]Artist nameCode Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'd follow you (Yes I would)
To the end of the world (Yes I would)
Wherever it maybe
If you give me the chance to
I'd fill you up (Yes I would)
But do what you have to
And know that I'm there for you
If you go away (you take my heart forever)
If you go away (I'll always be your prisoner)
If you go away (I'll know it wasn't planned)
And so I'll understand you
know I'll understand
If you go away
I shed a tear (Yes I do)
As I write these words (Yes I do)
It's not up to me no
My voice cannot be heard
I only live in hope (Yes I do)
If I could just conquer time
You'd definitely be mine
Find more similar lyrics on night I thought I heard you speak
Turned around you were only in my sleep
Will I ever have you for keeps
If you go away
Ooh oh oh oh oh
If yoy go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (if you go away) x 3
If you go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (I will let you go)
If you go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (I
won't beg you no no)
If you go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (yeah)
If you go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (I won't beg you)
If you go away I won't beg you
Stay I won't bother you (I
will let you go) x 2
If you go away I won't beg you to
stay I won't bother you
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Lyrics to If you go Away
by Code Red

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