Lyrics to Bigger Than we
by Coko

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[edit]Song titleBigger Than we
[edit]Artist nameCoko
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sun's a million miles away
Projecting light for you and me to see
And the leaves on a tree
Clear the air so we can breath the air we breath
But I sometimes feel that we can't see that

These are the things
That are bigger than we

How can it be that these things given to us so freely
Get taken for granted but are worth more
Than our how our records sold at stores
Our high grossing tours of one thing be sure
Real love when it's pure, love endures, and

These are the things
That are bigger than we

With all life's miracles we see
(Oh, we see)
We're put in place for you and me
Why don't we do what should come so easily

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These are the things
That are bigger than we

No one can't tell me that it can't be
(Bigger than we)
But it's gonna take a bigger you and a bigger me
(Bigger than we)

It's not your money, it can't be
It's how I treat you and you, me
In spite of the obstacle that we see
It's gonna take a bigger you, and me
(Bigger than we)

It's not your money, it can't be
It's how I treat you and you, me
In spite of the obstacle that we see
It's gonna take a bigger you, and me
(Bigger than we)
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Lyrics to Bigger Than we
by Coko

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