Lyrics to Never Stop Loving you
by Cold Chisel

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[edit]Song titleNever Stop Loving you
[edit]Artist nameCold Chisel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well it's taken so long to reach the time
Where we can go on or leave it behind
For better or worse so easy to say
But I choke on the words as you push me away
And every move along the way
Has moved us each in separate ways
And I can feel there's something
Going wrong
Oh I'll never stop loving you this life
Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right
Well I look in your eyes You never look back
Find more similar lyrics on the sparkle is gone there's nothing left
But the black
What's the use of holding back
The best defence is still attack
And don't give up before the battle's
I'll never stop loving you this life
Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right
Can't turn and run when I can fight
I'll never stop loving you this life.
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Lyrics to Never Stop Loving you
by Cold Chisel

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