Lyrics to Bulldozer
by Cold War Kids

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[edit]Song titleBulldozer
[edit]Artist nameCold War Kids
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We can beat this, you and me
Just a matter of degrees
I can't calculate this late at night
Honeymooners moving wet cement
They don't know about the walls that rise and rest

Run right over us
Feel the snap and crush of furniture
Clear a space for us
Let's rebuild this love on what we were

Come outside this view is free
Only clear moonlight can reach
You and I will stay low to the ground
Honeymooners we are bouncing checks
Cross your fingers that they don't get returned

Run right over us
Find more similar lyrics on the snap and crush of furniture
Clear a space for us
Let's rebuild this love on what we were

What we need you for
You're the last resort to start over

I can feel your arms around me
Pull me closer, Hold me tightly
Precious metals now colliding
Look to you my carbon copy x2

I think you're only one
That can work, that can work, that can work
Step up this is gonna hurt
Gnash your teeth take a bite of the dirt
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Lyrics to Bulldozer
by Cold War Kids

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