Lyrics to Coffee Spoon
by Cold War Kids

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[edit]Song titleCoffee Spoon
[edit]Artist nameCold War Kids
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I could argue with a mime, I could argue with a mime
He is reading me the riot act, every line
Every lawyer in his prime, every lawyer in his prime
Gets nostalgic for the bars, naivete to crime

Ascetics wring their hands, this decadent misuse
Inside my china room you are my coffee spoon

My indulgence is a joke and while everybody laughs
I'm clipping coupons and saving my breath
Find more similar lyrics on was celebrating Lent with a candle in a tent
When you came and snatched me up out of retirement

Now I'm buying finer clothes in department store windows
Throwing credit cards down, I never raise my voice
I never raise my voice

Ascetics wring their hands, this decadent misuse
Inside my china room you are my coffee spoon
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Lyrics to Coffee Spoon
by Cold War Kids

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