Lyrics to Serial Killer
by Cold

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[edit]Song titleSerial Killer
[edit]Artist nameCold
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everyone around you suffocates
I can see your madness rip your brain
I can see th bodies on the wall
All the nightmare dreams I can't recall come

I can see the future boiling up around I'm so afraid
Somone told you make her 1/2 a girl she used to be alive
I can feel the fire, crawlin on you like you're Superman
But I would pay to watch you burn

All the love you have disintegrates
All that saved you was your apathy
I can see teh knives hung on the wall
Find more similar lyrics on the bloodstain dreams I can't recall come

Take back this pain you gave

All the love you have disintegrates
All that saved you was your apathy
I remember all the knives you hung
And all the bodies stretched across the wall
All the drama that they made me think
Couldn't be real must be fake
I can see the bodies on the wall
All the nightmare dreams I can't recall come
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Lyrics to Serial Killer
by Cold

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