Lyrics to Let's Shout
by Colin James

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[edit]Song titleLet's Shout
[edit]Artist nameColin James
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come out here on the floor.
Let's rock some more.
Come out here on the floor,
Honey, let's rock some more, yeah!

Now when you get out here
Don't you have no fear.
Put your hands on your hips
And let your backbone slip
And work out.

Momma, move up
Honey move back
Shuffle to the left
Wobble to the right

Now it's plain to see
You put a hurtin' on me
It's a natural fact
I like it like that,
So work out!

Yeah, baby let's shout
Chop, shout and turn it out
Baby let's shout
Shout and work it out. Yeah
Let's shout!
Let's shout!
Shout all night long!

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Round and round we go,
Where we stop, nobody knows.
Round and round we go,
Don't you know, don't you know
The band is swinging on the stand,
We're moving in, we're moving out.
If we'll step back now
end this dance with a
So let's shout!

Yeah, baby let's shout,
Chop and shout and work it out
Baby, let's shout!
Chop and shout and work it out
Let's shout, let's
shout, shout all night

Yeah now baby
Workout now woman
Let's shout, let's
shout, shout all night
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Lyrics to Let's Shout
by Colin James

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