Lyrics to Would it be the Same
by Conception

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[edit]Song titleWould it be the Same
[edit]Artist nameConception
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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too many things that could go wrong
you know we both were far too young
and everything can't make such perfect sense
I see myself in you today
I gotta find my own way now
all I want is to move on
but how I wish I could stay
I want to say I'm sorry
but now I've gone too far
and I don't want to worry
about yesterday
like I'm guilty
like I'm sad
I must fight to be lonely
to break the chain
like I miss you
what we had like if you were the only
would it be the same again?
I know I won't forget your name
Find more similar lyrics on maybe we will meet again
if only to talk and try
remember the good and bad,
the things we said the happy moments
that we had your sweet surrender
but there is no more to say
except the fact I'm sorry and
that it's gone too far now
I don't want to worry about yesterday
like I'm guilty like I'm sad
I must fight to be lonely
to break the chain like
I miss you what we had like
if you were the only
would it be the same again?
all I am a little while in time
all I see there's something wrong with me
all I know I'll never reach your mind
all I cry you know I'm crying for you
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Lyrics to Would it be the Same
by Conception

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