Lyrics to Happy Birthday
by Concrete Blonde

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[edit]Song titleHappy Birthday
[edit]Artist nameConcrete Blonde
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Outside in the hall there's a cat fight
It's just after midnight, I guess ill be alright
I'm laid out on the floor, drunk and poor
How much longer, how much more

Oh, rock me to sleep, strong and deep
The screaming cats they give me the creep
But aside from all that I feel no pain
Staring up at the ceiling stains

Neon in the window
Sirens far away
News on the radio happy birthday
Happy birthday, happy birthday

Find more similar lyrics on're at it again next door, this whole floor
I swear, they're out to drive me crazy
Not right now I'm high as a cloud
I'm soft and gray and lazy

Smokin' out the window
Feelin' far away
News on the radio, happy birthday
Happy birthday, happy birthday

Fly me out the window
Somewhere far away
News on the radio, happy birthday
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday
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Lyrics to Happy Birthday
by Concrete Blonde

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