Lyrics to 74' 75'
by Connels

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[edit]Song title74' 75'
[edit]Artist nameConnels
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Got no reason
For coming to me
And the rain running down
There's no reason

And the same voice
Coming to me like it's all
Slowin' down
And believe me

I was the one who let you know
I was sorry ever after '74 '75

It's not easy
Nothing to say
'Cause it's already said
Find more similar lyrics on's never easy

When I look on your eyes
Then I find that I'll do fine
When I look on your eyes
Then I'll do better

I was the one who let you know
I was sorry ever after '74 '75
Giving me more and I'll defy
'Cause you're really only after '74 '75

I was the one who let you know
I was sorry ever after '74 '75
Giving me more and I'll defy
'Cause you're really only after '74 '75
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Lyrics to 74' 75'
by Connels

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