Lyrics to He did it all for me
by Connie Smith

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[edit]Song titleHe did it all for me
[edit]Artist nameConnie Smith
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Oh praise the Lord he did it all for me) Once a
man whom we know as the son of God hung upon a
cruel tree He suffered pain as no mortal man he
took my place he did it all for me When I step
just inside of those gates of pearl, and the
Master's face I see I'll gladly kneel at his nail
Find more similar lyrics on feet oh praise the Lord he did it all for
me He did it all for me each drop of blood he shed
for even me When the Saviour cried bowed his head
and died Oh praise the Lord he did it all for me he
took my place he did it all for me
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Lyrics to He did it all for me
by Connie Smith

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