Lyrics to It's Just my Luck
by Connie Smith

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[edit]Song titleIt's Just my Luck
[edit]Artist nameConnie Smith
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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IT'S JUST MY LUCK to live when I'd much rather
die. I'd end my life, but I don't have the
nerve to try. You're not worth the salt in each
new tear I cry. And IT'S JUST MY LUCK to love
someone like you.

IT'S JUST MY LUCK to find I gave my heart away
To a man who has no heart and treats me any old
Find more similar lyrics on My first bad luck was when I was born one
day. And IT'S JUST MY LUCK to love someone like

Time after time, this heart of mine you went and
broke. Till love to me has come to be just a
standing joke. You're not worth the salt in each
new tear I cry. And IT'S JUST MY LUCK to love
someone like you Till I die.
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Lyrics to It's Just my Luck
by Connie Smith

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